The Big Idea – Objects can affect other objects at a distance.

In this topic we look at how magnets work be trying to visually the invisible magnetic field all magnets produce. It is this magnetic field that causes attraction and repulsion between magnets.

The Essentials

You must know that the same poles on a magnet repel each other and opposite poles attract each other. To understand why you must be able to draw magnetic field lines and describe how you visualised (saw) them in the classroom.

100 % Magnetism

Deeper Understanding

Can magnets be turned on and off? For a deeper understanding of magnets look at the year 8 page on Electromagnets to see how magnets can be really useful.

Other Links

BBC Bitesize – Magnetism – You only need the 1st 3 pages on Bitesize

Magnets made easy

Review and Rate your Understanding

Have you learnt all the facts on the 100% sheet?

Have you completed the BBC Bitesize tutorial?

Have you been able to complete all the questions on the 100% sheet?

Let us know how you feel about magnets in the comments section below. Any questions you have, just ask.

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