Separating Mixtures


The Big Idea – Matter. All material in the universe is made from very small particles.

In this topic the smallest particles we look at are elements, the building blocks of everything else. We have 3 important definitions that we must know if we are to be understand this topic.

An element is something that is made up of the same type of atom. You will see elements on the periodic table

A compounds is 2 or more elements CHEMICALLY JOINED together. You will not see these on the periodic table. We cannot easily separate compounds back to elements.

A mixture is 2 or more elements or compounds that are NOT chemically joined together. Think of mixtures a s a bag of different coloured sweets where you can tip them out and sort them into piles that have the same sweet or colour.


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100% Separating Mixtures

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BBC Bitesize – Separating mixtures

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