Triple Catch-up Work

Here are a selection of resources for the topics you have missed.

It is important that you spend time learning and understanding the topics before attempting the questions. Remember that in class we will have spent at least 5 hours on each topic.


2 good websites to use

BBC Bitesize – Motion

GCSE Science Teacher on motion  see the video on the required practical

Lesson resources to look through and take notes

4a Motion (1)

4a Motion (2)

4a Motion (3)

4a Motion (5) – newtons laws

4a Motion (6) – stopping distances

Revision resources

100% sheet Motion 4a

Motion revision sheet

Watch the required practical video and look through the practical sheet

RP force and acceleration grade 6

Try the test ONLY when you have done full revision

Motion Higher Q


Infection and Disease

2 good websites to use

BBC Bitesize – Infection & Disease

GCSE Science Teacher

Lesson Resources

Disease (1) (1)

revision-activities disease and drugs

Complete the expert challenge

Expert challenge – diseases


2 good websites to use

BBC Bitesize – ecology

GCSE Science Teacher – ecology

Lesson Resources

ecology updated1#

Ecology Summary WS

100% cycling materials

100% Human impacts

Learn all the content before attempting the test

100% sheet diversity of lifeEcology Test


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